Here are just some of the great things you’ll learn in this 280-page e-Book:

> Unlock the irresistible allure: The secret to becoming the man every woman desires to put her hands on

> Discover what her physical contact reveals about her feelings for you, and learn how to respond for maximum attraction

> The one powerful action that sets you apart from the sea of other men pursuing her

> Avoid this texting mistake that drives women away: Transform your texting game and become the man she can’t resist

> Unmask the media myths about attracting women perpetuated by the media

> 5 compelling reasons why reducing contact can increase her attraction – gain insight into a woman’s thoughts when you’re not messaging her between dates

> Keep her captivated: Discover the key to prevent her from ever getting bored with you

> Why uttering THIS phrase too soon can make her doubt her feelings for you – and not in a positive way

> The power of passive language: Learn what it is, why it works, and how it can be your secret weapon in dating

> How to convey your feelings without appearing weak or overly emotional

> Master the art of showing your love and care THIS way instead of with words

> Why women are eager to earn your love and how to make them prove their worth to you

> The art of creating space for her to chase you and maintaining your allure

> 5 actionable tips to become a more decisive dater and take charge in your relationships

> How men unwittingly turn ‘yes’ dates into ‘no’s’ by asking this ONE question

> Unveiling the 4 reasons why women prefer you to make dating decisions, not them

> Brain dynamics: Understand the differences between the male and female brain and why men tend to make decisions faster

> Discover what questions to ask that make her feel heard while paving the way for future memorable outings

> Decoding her questions: What women are really assessing when they seek your opinion, especially when you disagree

> Why women lose interest when you’re too accessible and how to strike the right balance at the start

> Learn the 4 negative traits you project when you’re always available to see her

> The truth about your competition swooping in if you’re not always around her – and why them doing so actually works in YOUR favor

> 5 proven strategies to become a more patient and attractive dater

> The ideal response time to her text messages to keep her intrigued

> How to manage your date’s tardiness for future respect of your time

> The art of anticipation: Finding the perfect date length to leave her yearning for more

> Women actually want to chase you – and here’s the secret to making it happen

> 10 unmistakable signals that reveal a woman’s eagerness for you to pursue her

> The “S-word” a woman drops into a conversation to signal she wants you (not THAT S-word)

> The one seemingly insignificant signal that speaks volumes about her desire to get to know you better

> How a woman unmistakably lets you know she’s ready for the ‘relationship’ conversation”

> What women truly mean when they say they connect through conversation, and why men often misinterpret it

> Why intelligent men often speak less and how it can work in your favor

> Conversation killers: 7 topics men tend to over-talk about that lead to women losing interest

> The secret to being more conscious of how long you’re talking in a convo with women so it will feel more balanced to her

> Why men’s fear of using THIS dating approach often hinders their desirability, and why women are drawn to it

> Discover 5 compelling reasons to embrace this controversial dating strategy

> How to respond when a woman sees you out with another woman – and how it can actually accelerate her choice in your favor

> How your ego drives you to pursue women who aren’t interested and how to rectify it

> The truth behind what’s really happening when you encounter mixed signals from women

> Why your ego can self-sabotage your chances with women who are genuinely interested, and how to identify and correct it before it’s too late

> The mindset transformation that allowed me to date attractive women when I was broke compared to when I had money

> What a woman is really testing for when she acts rudely, and how it serves a positive purpose

> Test or rudeness? Distinguishing between a woman’s tests and mere rudeness, and how to respond effectively in either case

> Discover how understanding this ONE aspect about her can reveal if she sees you as “in her league”

> 5 compelling reasons to have confidence that you can date the woman you desire, without putting them on a pedestal

> The truth about why you may have a genuine chance with hot women, and how to have less anxiety approaching them

> The genuine factors that women consider when determining their attraction to a guy (most of them aren’t any where near what you’re thinking)

> The one type of response to your dating invitation that you should always say “no” to

> An invaluable lesson my uncle taught me in the sales world that helps immensely in the dating world

> Is she genuinely unsure about making the date? Unveil the truth about women’s interest levels and how busy women behave when they’re into you

> Learn how to exude self-assuredness when rejecting her ambiguous date request response, leaving her thinking, “Maybe I should give him a chance after all…'”

> The exclusive approach to inspire a woman to change her bad habits without using ultimatums

> A breakdown of the difference between putting your best foot forward vs. lying on a first date

> Trust dynamics: How this ONE action can automatically erode trust with women

> The smartest approach for the first date that allows her to form expectations of the real you

> The various ways to express romance in your relationship, identifying which methods are effective and which might be excessive

> How to tap into your emotional side in a masculine way while maintaining control over them

>What women truly mean when they express a desire for an emotional man (hint: it’s not about overt displays of emotion)

> Explore the 5 reasons behind men becoming excessively emotional and discover 5 strategies to regain control and maintain composure

> The path to intimacy: Seven essential tips for smoothly transitioning from the living room to the bedroom

> How to interpret a woman’s nonverbal cues and passive signals to gauge her readiness for a nighttime romp

> Explore the 12 key ‘hot zones’ on a woman’s body that can ignite her passion

> How to handle any last-minute bedroom reservations so she’ll feel respected and you’ll still connect with her physically

> 10 invaluable tips I would impart to my younger self that will save you years of heartache and accelerate your path to dating success

> And much, much more!

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The first bonus special report is: “ALPHA UNLEASHED: 1O Ways To Harness Your Masculine Energy & Amplify Your Sexual Chemistry with Women.”

I address a huge problem many men have: showing up in a positive masculine way and creating an explosive, sexual dynamic filled with passion.

I’ve had so many guys write to me expressing the various ways they’ve failed to connect with women, unaware that the way they present themselves to women is very feminine-leaning.

But never fear! In this 27-page report, I’ll teach you:

> How to Use Sexual Polarity to Connect with Women on a Primal Level

> Key Masculine Qualities Women Crave and How to Showcase Them Naturally

> Why Revealing Your Emotions Can Disrupt Sexual Polarity and Turn Her Off (and What To Do Instead)

> Strategies to Prevent the Erosion of Sexual Polarity in Long-Term Relationships

> How Adding THIS to Your Daily Routine will Increase Your Testosterone (and TRUST me, Women Will Notice)

> Did You Know? This ONE thing actually influences your mood, hormones, and ability to exude masculinity – get control of it before it controls you!

> What You Must Communicate to a Woman So She Feels Desired Sexually

> The Hidden Truth About Women’s Sex Drives That Society Tries to Conceal

> Actions that Manifest Masculine Essence in the Bedroom and Ignite Her Desire

> The Quickest Way to Establish You as a Trustworthy Masculine Leader in Her Life

> How This ONE Behavior Can Earn You High Regard from Women

> The key to Nurturing Her Feminine Energy So She Feels Cared For, Protected, and Always Ready to Be Passionate with You

Inside this report, you’ll finally gain an understanding of how to tap into your true masculine core, in a healthy way that’s beneficial to you and the women you’re after.

The second bonus special report is: “HOLIDAY DATING 101: Tips for Meeting, Attracting & Keeping Women’s Interest During the Holiday Season.”

I’ll show you the secrets of how to meet women and date them during one of the hardest times of the year to keep new women interested – the holiday season!

You’ll learn:

> Where to meet new and exciting people eager to date this time of year

> How to approach fashion to find your next jolly mate

> The pros and cons of inviting her to holiday parties, and the best low-pressure approach

> The secret to holiday texting to maintain her interest

> Holiday activities to avoid doing with her, and how they can create too much pressure for her

> Navigating the Art of Gift-Giving: Why Most Guys Struggle and How to Handle It

>The Best Approach for Scheduling Guaranteed Dates, Even with a Full Holiday Calendar

> The Timing of Romantic Gestures: When and How to Express Them

> If you should consider setting up dates now to do with her after New Year’s Day

The third bonus is a video, “1st DATE LIKE A BOSS: The Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Memorable Night That’ll Leave Her Wanting More.”

Navigating that first date can be nerve-racking without a roadmap. With this 60-minute video, you’ll have complete knowledge on how to make sure any woman you take out has a 1st date they’ll never forget!

In this epic video lesson, you’ll learn:

> How to look your best for the first date – discover the appearance-related factors that will impress her (and it’s not just about your clothes)

> The 3 critical objectives of the first date – keep these in mind during the date to ensure your success

> The ultimate blueprint for the first date – a 7-step plan that guides you from the moment you meet to the end of the night, and everything in between

> Date conversation secrets – learn the topics that will ignite her interest and the ones to avoid at all costs

> The perfect way to wrap up the date that will make her crave more of you (no need to say “I hope to see you again” – we’ve got a more effective strategy for you!)

> And so much more!

The value of these three bonuses alone is at least $100 alone, especially given the time and money they’re going to save you in the long run.

Combine that with the value of the book – which I could easily sell for at least $200 (and may do so in the future), and you’re looking at $300 worth of value (plus the amount you’ll save not going on bad dates that lead no where).

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Three FREE Live “Interviews With Dating Experts” When You Get the Book Today

In the 10 years I’ve recorded podcasts, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the world’s top dating coaches, all of whom specialize in different areas of the dating game.

I’ve put all of these interviews together in a program called “Interviews With Dating Experts.” The amount of helpful knowledge they’ve been wiling to give out is impressive, life-changing, and will help you navigate the dating landscape with even more expert-insights.

As a “thank you” for your purchase, I am including 3 of these interviews with your purchase at no extra cost. (If you find them to be beneficial and want to learn more about the remaining 30+ interviews in the program, a link will be included in the e-Book.) 

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The entire process should take no more than 5 minutes, and you’ll be reading your e-Book in no time.

Be sure to scan through the book a few times and take notice of the parts that speak to you right away. Then go back and read it front to back and side to side.

For best results, you’ll want to read it at least 10 times so it gets stuck in your memory, and you can make some real long-lasting changes to your dating life.

Also, read through the bonus reports, listen to all the interviews included, and definitely watch the full 1st date video before planning your next date night!

One More Time… 

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll get when you order:

1. “Stop Losing Women: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Women of Your Dreams”

2. “Alpha Unleashed: 10 Ways to Harness Your Masculine Energy & Amplify Your Sexual Chemistry With Women”

3. “Holiday Dating 101: Tips for Meeting, Attracting, and Keeping Women’s Interest During the Holiday Season”

4. VIDEO: “1st Date Like a Boss: The Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Memorable Night That’ll Leave Her Wanting More”

5. AUDIO: “Dating Expert Interviews: 3 Successful Dating Coaches Reveal Helpful Tips on Attracting Women & Building Confidence”

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The question is, will you be equipped with the exact knowledge and words to succeed, or will you allow these opportunities to slip through your fingers, forever wondering what could have been?

Allow me to leave you with one final thought.

Having studied human behavior extensively, I’ve learned this undeniable truth: If you don’t make the decision to take control of this aspect of your life right now, there’s an exceedingly slim chance that you’ll take action in the future.

They say that you can’t guide someone to a destination unless you’ve traveled the path yourself. Well, I’ve walked that path, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about this e-Book package, feel free to contact me at [email protected], and I’ll contact you back right away.

Here’s to your future success with women!

-Harry Wilmington

P.S. All the materials you receive today are based on strategies I’ve personally used in the dating world that have proven to be winners. I know they can work for you, too, if you’re willing to read, listen, watch, and put the work in.

P.S.S. Here are a few samples from the e-Book so you can get an idea of how I write and give out advice. Just click any of the links below to read them (and yes, you’ll be able to come right back to this page via the link at the bottom of each page, or by clicking the “back” button):


How to Get Her to Break the Touch Barrier First

Reasons #1 and #2 To Not Contact Her Between Dates

A Secret Brain Trick You Can Use to Lessen How Much You Talk on Dates

A Story That Illustrates Why “Maybe” Dates Are Always “No”

The Key to Gradually Building Romance

Where The “Hot Zones” Are On Her Body & How to Stimulate Them

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