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I’m going to provide 10 examples of things you need to study if you want to understand women better and know what attracts them to you.

01: Practice Approaching Women

Let’s begin with learning how to approach women. It’s crucial to overcome anxiety and fear and approach them in a non-threatening manner. Many guys make one of two mistakes. Some adopt a too forceful approach, using lines like “Hey, baby, cutie, sweetie, I want to bang you right now.”

Needless to say, that approach doesn’t work well. On the other hand, there are guys who are overly apprehensive and timid, saying things like “Hey, I just wanted to know how you’re doing.” You don’t want to be either of those guys. Instead, you need to find a middle ground approach that is respectful and not abrasive, while still allowing her to be open to the idea of you contacting and communicating with her.

02: Study How Women Communicate

Which leads to the next important aspect: learning how to communicate with women. When most guys hear “improve communication,” they usually think about verbal skills. However, here’s some news for you: Women often rely on passive communication methods to convey their messages. It’s crucial to understand that when a woman says “fine,” it may not actually mean she’s fine. You need to pay attention to her body language and non-verbal cues while she says it. To truly understand women, study the passive ways they show attraction, disappointment, anticipation, and anxiety. This knowledge, combined with verbal skills, will greatly benefit you.

03: Practice How to Flirt Better & Confidently

Women desire your flirty interactions. It’s important to understand that not every flirtatious exchange will lead to her wanting to sleep with you. However, flirting is a lively and enjoyable way to interact with a woman, making her see you as an entertaining individual whom she might consider going on a date with.

04: Practice Leadership Skills

Across the board, most women desire to date a man who can demonstrate leadership and create plans for the relationship, potential family, and more. If you lack this skill, it’s crucial to study and develop it. What specific leadership skills do women seek? What type of man is a woman more likely to be willing to submit to, as opposed to someone who expects her to take charge? Understanding these aspects will greatly contribute to your success in relationships.

05: Practice Approaching Women

Another important aspect to study when it comes to women is your hookup skills. Yes, you don’t have to be the most dynamic guy in the bedroom, but you do need to have knowledge of the anatomy, including the placement of different body parts and understanding her erogenous zones.

You should be aware of what actions or angles feel pleasurable and how to effectively stimulate them. These skills will make her recognize that you possess the necessary expertise to truly satisfy her in the bedroom. Consequently, she will be more inclined to desire repeat encounters because knowing how to have a fulfilling sexual experience is highly significant.

06: Study What “Masculine Traits” Women Find Attractive

The sixth crucial aspect to learn is the masculine traits that women find attractive. Unfortunately, many guys have grown up under circumstances such as being raised by single moms or, in my case, losing my dad, leading to the influence of female figures like my mom, grandma, and aunt. Over time, one may unintentionally develop certain habits that lean towards femininity, which women can pick up on during interactions.

While it would be ideal to think that women should like a man regardless of whether he is effeminate or masculine, the reality is different. Women tend to be more inclined to choose a man who displays masculine traits early on, rather than feminine traits.

However, it’s important to note that as the relationship progresses, there may be room for more balanced expressions of femininity. At the beginning, though, it is crucial to understand what masculine qualities women seek. As mentioned earlier, leadership and flirting are examples of such traits. Can you demonstrate these behaviors in a way that exudes masculinity and arouses her interest?

07: Practice Better Grooming & Style

It’s essential to learn how to assemble a stylish outfit, master the art of ironing, and discover ways to style your hair. In my case, I’m experiencing hair loss, so I keep my hair short, and surprisingly, women love it because it’s well-groomed.

Understanding which hairstyle suits you best is also important. Additionally, delve into the world of cologne and shoes, acquiring knowledge about these various aspects. By doing so, when women first encounter you, they will be more inclined to approach you rather than the other way around.

08: Practice Proper Texting Etiquette

Another area you should learn and educate yourself on is texting. I’ve received numerous messages from guys through my videos, sharing their experiences of texting a girl and then witnessing her lose interest. The underlying reason for this is their lack of proficiency in texting.

To address this issue, I have written a comprehensive book on my website called “Texting Like a Boss.” It consists of 21 commandments that cover the intricacies of texting. I can relate to the struggles with texting myself, but once I realized that there’s a method to it, I achieved better results. Even in my current relationships, I don’t rely heavily on texting, but I understand the importance of effective and impactful texting. I have mastered the art of texting that can evoke interest and attraction in a woman.

09: Practice Emotional Intelligence

Another aspect to consider is emotional intelligence. Many men tend to become overwhelmed by their emotions when women do certain things or bring certain matters to their attention. It’s important to approach these situations with a mindset of better understanding her emotions, as well as your own, and learning to be less reactive and more composed.

If you’re the kind of guy who panics because she hasn’t responded to a text within a couple of hours, let me tell you: you lack the emotional intelligence needed to navigate any relationship with a woman. Women can be unpredictable and their emotions can fluctuate, and if you’re not equipped to handle that, you risk losing their interest.

10: Study How To Build Interest With Women

Another area worth studying when it comes to women is how to build interest. Men often fall into the trap of assuming that after a date or two, where they’ve had good conversations, maybe a hookup or a kiss, they’re convinced that this woman is “the one” for them.

We tend to develop interest quite rapidly after a couple of encounters. However, it’s important to understand that women take two to three months to solidify their feelings. This process is influenced by the actions and behaviors displayed during that period. If you approach a woman after two dates and suggest being in a relationship, you haven’t built up enough interest.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn the skill of not only generating interest but also being able to gauge her level of interest. The late Doc Love used to discuss women’s interest levels in terms of percentages. He would often say that a good sign is if her interest starts at 51%, but the goal is to reach 80 or 90%, where you can do no wrong. Within the range of 51% to 95%, a woman’s behavior can vary significantly depending on her level of interest. It’s important to recognize where she stands and adjust your approach accordingly, knowing when to take certain actions and when to exercise patience and back off.


The concepts discussed above provide only a glimpse into the various aspects that men should study and understand when it comes to women. From learning how to approach and communicate effectively, to mastering the art of flirting and developing leadership skills, these areas play crucial roles in attracting women and building successful relationships. Additionally, grooming and style, texting etiquette, emotional intelligence, and the skill of building interest are all important factors to consider.

By investing time and effort into studying these topics, men can increase their chances of achieving the desired results in their interactions with women.

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