About Introvert Dating Success


At Introvert Dating Success, our mission is to help introverted men discover their best self, so they can become comfortable in their own skin and date based on their natural way of being.

Whether a client has no experience with women or has been in relationships and faced challenges, we seek to give guidance and insights that will help any man face the next chapter of his dating life with confidence.

We also help you discover what qualities you already possess that will make you attractive to women! This way, we can help you develop a dating style that portrays you in the best light, as you truly are, without having to turn you into an extrovert (in fact, you’ll be surprised at how many woman are actually DYING to date a quiet, more introspective man).


All of my materials are based on my experiences as an introvert dater. To that end, my various programs and e-books – both free and premium – will help you to re-think the way you’ve been dating up to this point, while at the same time giving you key strategies that feel right to the kind of person you naturally are.

My show, “Introvert Dating Success,” answers questions from men just like you about all areas of dating, and gives solutions that are easy to implement, and work for any introvert wanting to make women feel comfortable with him.

My upcoming flagship program is the “Introvert Dating Success Membership Academy,” which I like to call “the Netflix of Dating Advice for Men.” It contains a variety of lessons designed to transform both your dating and personal life. It’s perfect for the linear-thinking introverted man, who works best with step-by-step instruction and hands-on accountability when it comes to learning the ins and outs of dating, attraction, and relationships.


All the men who contact us are unique in their own way! Your life situation, dating goals, etc. may be different from the next man.

That said, I’ve found the men I’ve worked with have a few common similarities:

  • They Really DO Want to Be Nice Guys. Most men I’ve come across want to find a woman they can show respect to, do nice things for, and create a loving bond based on kindness and trust. (And yes, you CAN be this way and still attract women.)


  • They are hard-working. Most of my clients already have their job/worklife situation figured out. They’ve gotten to where they are due to characteristics like loyalty and determination, qualities that are definitely needed for self-improvement and, eventually, a successful long-term relationship.


  • They know how to have fun. My clients are lively guys who know how to have a good time and can be playful – this basis lets us know it’s a trait we can help them show off to women in an engaging way!


  • They are financially ready to make a commitment to themselves for life change. Because we do a lot of in-depth work, we like to work with clients that have this other part of their life taken care of, so they can focus and get the most out of what they’re about to learn.




The journey of how this site came to be could fill a whole novel (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve written a book about it).

Here’s the short version…

I, Harry Wilmington, used to be a horrible dater. In my middle school and high school years, I struggled with how to attract women, resulting in many “let’s just be friends” conversations from girl “friends” of mine who would never date me.

By the time I got to college, I was able to get women on a few dates, but never to the point of making them my girlfriend (or hooking up with them). In my junior year, after another friend “LJBF”ed me, I began studying everything I could on how to get women.

This was when I learned that all the things I’d learned about attraction – from movies, TV, music, and even other women – was actually WRONG.

I spent several years soaking up all this new knowledge and, after much, much, much trial and error, I started to get positive results, and get multiple dates (and hook-ups) with women.

In 2013 I started a podcast called “Stop Losing Women,” a show where I basically doled out all the lessons I had learned about dating, attraction, and relationships. I did over 435 shows and was getting tens of thousands of download per month.

During this time, I was also getting many emails from men asking for dating advice, and discovered that a high number of these messages were from introverted men, who said my content resonated with them and that the advice had helped them go from being shy and awkward around women to landing in long-term relationships.

At that point, I realized that it may be a good idea to narrow down my focus specifically to introverts like myself, who may be where I was years ago in my dating journey – anxious, not knowing what to say to women, how to get my alone time in a relationship without making the woman angry, etc. – so I could get them to where I’m at now.

And so, I closed down my previous show and website, and Introvert Dating Success was born!