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Here’s what people are saying about the “No Girls 4 U” e-Book:

“Good job, Harry – GREAT book!” – Dillan, Cleveland, OH.

“I finished your book yesterday – I LOVED it! I actually could relate to some of it, sorry to say… I hope a lot of guys read this book and realize what they are doing WRONG! What you write was SO real and true, it happens too often. I found out about myself, actually, realizing the reasons why I “suddenly” lost interest in certain guys: they were NON JUANS! Even for those who think they have game, or girls who feel need not apply, it’s still a good book… people were wondering why I was laughing out of nowhere while reading your book, LoL. Once again, GREAT job *applaud*” – Michele (that’s right, a GIRL), Washington, D.C.

“Too funny by far. Got the e-Book and laughed my butt of. A lot of truths in there. Much kudos!” – David, Seattle, WA

“Excellent book. Well written and hilarious. A must have for anyone who needs help.” – Alex, Albany, NY

“I just finished reading the book and I give it 10 out of 5 stars! Everything in this book is rock-solid advice on becoming a master Non Juan! From being completely oblivious to women’s come-ons, to spilling your guts within the first minute of meeting a chick, to calling her everyday to the point of annoyance, this book teaches you everything you need to know about what NOT to do! A must read for any Non Juan aficionado!” – Derek, San Diego, CA

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about my book, NO GIRLS 4 U: The ULTIMATE Guide to LOSING the Girl of Your Dreams!

Q: What exactly is a NON JUAN?

A: Simply stated, a NON JUAN is a man who, consciously or subconsciously, knows how to make girls feel uncomfortable; less attracted to him; and makes them want to reject him first.

Ironically, he does this by doing things he thinks should attract women, based on advice he’s gotten from women’s magazines and other so-called “dating guru’s;” yet, he’s a NON JUAN because he continues doing these things despite his low relationship success rate.

Q: Why release a “dating” book for men on how to “LOSE” women?

A: Every dating book or article released up to this point tries to show a guy how to attract women. Very few of them, however, explain why his current techniques aren’t working.

In order for a man to change, he has to first understand, psychologically, why his way of doing something isn’t working so he’ll be open to learning different techniques.

“NO GIRLS 4 U: The ULTIMATE Guide to LOSING the Girl of Your Dreams” goes into detail on why all the “logical” techniques a man uses to get women, actually ends up driving them away. I use the angle of teaching men how to “lose” women as a means of demonstrating why what they think should work has yet to do so.

Q: In your book, you say if a guy really wants to be a NON JUAN, he should follow the advice of women dating “experts.” Are you saying women give bad dating advice?

A: It’s not that the advice women give is bad; it just doesn’t work.

A woman will give a man advice that, on paper, sounds quite logical. She might tell a guy to compliment a woman throughout a first date, or buy her flowers. The problem is these things don’t make a girl more attracted to a guy, and can actually make her less attracted.

Women columnists forget that their dating choices are usually not based on ANALYTICAL logic (i.e. what should work), but on EMOTIONAL logic (i.e. what does work). Most guys work on analytical logic, which is why they think the advice they’re receiving from women columnists should work – after all, if a woman is the one giving the advice, it MUST be the golden ticket to Relationshipville, right?

Sadly, this often turns out to NOT be the case.

Q: In your book, you include many personal stories from your dating life to illustrate how a NON JUAN should act. If you were so bad at dating, why should a guy read your materials?

A: Like many guys, I got my dating advice from what I thought were the “right” sources. After years of not getting women (or having sex), I decided a change in dating resources was necessary.

I read columns and dating books for men – by men – that gave advice different from what I’d read before. “Don’t over-compliment a woman on the first date;” “Wait 5 to 9 days to call a woman” – all these things sounded crazy at first… until I actually tried them and started keeping women interested in me for longer periods of time.

Through these various new sources, I was not only able to figure out what really DID work on women, but also look back and understand why the advice I’d read before hadn’t worked. My book gives men a thorough analysis of what doesn’t work so they’ll stop doing those things when trying to attract women.

Q: Why is it a “good” idea for a NON JUAN to be a “nice guy?”

A: A “nice guy” – or what I call a “NON JUAN in disguise” – is a man who tries to get close to a girl he likes by doing everything he can to appear nice, non-sexual, and perfect at all times. Women, however, can subconsciously sense when a man is acting a certain way simply to please her, and not because he really IS that way.

A “nice guy” is worse than a so-called “jerk” or “bad boy” because, unlike those types of guys, he is not being honest about himself or his true intentions with a girl. This is why a girl will date a “bad-boy” vs. a “nice guy” – and a “nice guy” who can’t get women is, by definition, a NON JUAN!

Q: You also mention that a NON JUAN should pay for everything on a date. How will this prevent a woman from staying interested in a guy?

A: The amount of money a guy spends on a date demonstrates his level of desperation. The more money he spends, the more desperate for love and affection he seems to a woman. In essence, he’s using the money to keep her around because he wants her to like him, but doesn’t think his personality is enough to do the job.

Were he to spend less money, he’d have to actually win a girl over with his personality – but a NON JUAN doesn’t do that! As such, women don’t stay with guys that seem desperate for affection because it puts too much pressure on them – unless they’re gold diggers, who still have no interest but will stick around until the bank well runs dry!

Q: How does sex play into the life of a NON JUAN?

A: Easy – it doesn’t!

Q: Um… would you care to elaborate on that?

A: A NON JUAN always denies that he wants sex, especially when talking to a girl he’s after. Therefore, he shouldn’t be chasing after sex since he’s not expressing a desire to have any.

If, per chance, a woman tries to pursue sex with him, he should be so accustomed to NOT getting it, he’s able to bypass or ignore any signals she throws his way that indicate her desires.

Q: Explain the difference between “The Land of NON JUAN Fiction” and “Relationship Reality.”

A: “The Land of NON JUAN Fiction” is where most guys live right now. It’s the land where buying a girl dinner, calling her all the time, and being a “nice guy” will make the women they’re after fall in love with them instantly. Unfortunately, living in this land causes plenty of heartache for guys, who never understand why these things don’t work.

“Relationship Reality” is the place where doing the opposite of what should work – i.e. not paying for everything, calling a girl every few days or so, and being true to oneself, be it “nice,” “bad,” or a mixture of both” – will actually keep a woman around much longer. It’s the place I steer guys towards living in throughout the course of my book.

Q: Most dating books by & for men are written by guys who (a) have a track record of being good with the opposite sex, and (b) guarantee similar results to their readers. What results can you guarantee if guys read your book on how to LOSE women?

A: I can guarantee a few things:

(1) That men will get a kick out of reading my personal “horror” stories from my dating life and seeing how it relates to their own;

(2) That the techniques talked about in my book do make girls less attracted to them; and

(3) That they will finally be able to understand why all the things they learned about how to make girls like them haven’t worked.

Q: Your dating book cost more than most dating books. What made you decide to have it at a higher price?

A: Most of the books/programs I read/listened to when changing my dating thought process were in the $75-$100 range. And, like those books, mine isn’t meant to be read one time and then thrown on the bookshelf.

This is a LIFE-CHANGING book with LIFE-CHANGING information.

A guy who studies my book regularly – at least 1 to 2 times a week for 3 months to a year – will no longer be in the dark about why his way of dealing with girls up to this point has NOT been working.

He’ll also save hundreds, or even THOUSANDS, of dollars by not chasing after uninterested girls anymore, or spending excessive monies on dinners, gifts, cards, etc. then pondering why it didn’t work. Having that kind of information – the kind I wish I had when I was making all these dating screw-ups – is PRICELESS.

Q: Lastly – is there REALLY a music soundtrack with this e-Book??

A: Absolutely! In addition to the e-Book and Audiobook files, your order also includes the “No Girls 4 U” soundtrack featuring Non Juan!

In the e-Book there are illustrations with Non Juan introducing each chapter; I figured it would be a fun thing for the reader to also experience the life of Non Juan to get an even better idea of what NOT to do when trying to attract women. It contains 12 hilarious songs ranging from “Tongue Tied” (a song where Non Juan trips up his words while talking to women) to “Hooptie” (where he brags about his oh-so-terrible car), and more.

The album also features a few guest appearances by the original ladies man, Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan, who stops by from time to time to give Non Juan a few pointers on getting the ladies. Whether they work or not is a different story…



PAY WHAT YOU WANT (Normally $97)