Let me ask you something...

  • Are you tired of being frustrated and lonely?
  • Do you feel like women are constantly overlooking you?
  • Is anxiety causing you to fumble your words when trying to talk to hot girls?
  • Has your sex life been practically non-existent?
  • Have you ever chickened out approaching a woman at the last minute because you were scared of what might happen if she knew you liked her?
  • Does the idea of having to go through the "get to know each other" parts of dating seem scary?

And lastly...

  • Do you lack the ability to create powerful chemistry with any woman you desire... to have her practically chasing you down, begging you for passion, intimacy, or a relationship... all while remaining your true introverted self?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I've got some important news for you...

You my friend, are not alone!

I'm Harry Wilmington, and before I became a men's dating coach 17 years ago, I, too, found myself constantly asking these questions as I struggled with dating.

For years, I thought the reason I couldn't attract women was because I wasn't a "bad boy" or jerk. As a result, I had very low self-confidence and had a hard time being able to talk to women, let alone land dates or build towards any kind of meaningful relationship.

And I'm sure you know exactly what I mean - tell me if any of the following sounds familiar:

  • You constantly find yourself being “friend-zoned” by women
  • In social situations where women are there, you fumble trying to figure out what to say to them
  • On the off-chance you DO get on a date, you're not able to get a 2nd one... and can't figure out why
  • Also, at the end of dates you don't know if you should make the “kiss” move... so you do nothing. Next thing you know, she's stopped answering your calls and is dating someone else...
  • You sometimes feel out of place when trying to meet girls, partially because you haven't fully analyzed them and don't know what your approach should be

So what's the alternative? 

Well, the logical thought is to be more outgoing like an extrovert... 

...but we know you don't want THAT, right? 

You may think you have these dating issues because there’s something wrong with you as a person… 

...that you just aren’t the kind of guy any woman will ever find attractive… 

...or, that you were designed by nature to live out your life as an asexual being, cursed to a lifetime of lonely nights watching TV reruns at home with a bunch of old cats keeping you company…

Well, I’ve got good news for ya, pal – NONE of that is true!

I thought it was because I was just a “weird” or "shy" guy that no woman would ever be able to relate to. And, if you’re like me, the idea of not being able to change myself into a guy women would want definitely hurt.  

Over time, though – through much trial and error – I came to realize something important allowed me to finally “get” something very, very important about dating and relationships, and something you need to realize too:


Once I was able to adjust certain key aspects of my dating game – and become more comfortable in my introvert skin – my results skyrocketed!  

In the span of a few years, I went from a guy who could barely get a date at all (and had to settle for women that were less attractive than dating an actual pig with make-up on)…  

…to a guy who had some of the hottest women you’d ever meet (and I’m talking models, lawyers, musicians, doctors, and other women from all walks of life) practically begging ME to be their boyfriend!  

It didn’t matter if the girl made more money than me… was more attractive than me… or even if she was a long-time friend who swore she could never, EVER see us as more than “just friends…”  

As soon as I discovered and developed the emotional, physical, and mental buttons I needed to press within a woman’s psychological core... 

...along with the precise timing of when/where to do certain things during the dating process...

...and figured out what aspects of my introvert personality would actually draw women to me if displayed...

...getting into relationships with the women I truly wanted became extremely easy!

And guess what? It can be the same way for you too.

If you were to simply learn how to become more confident in who you are... 

  ...discover the hidden seductive introvert powers within yourself...  

...and then focus on what things to say and do to unlock her deepest, most primal desires...  

...you could have women ready for you to take them down, without hardly saying a word!

Just Imagine How Awesome Your Dating Life Could Be...

Picture the following scenario:

You see a girl – whether it's at a party or out in public...

...and from the moment you see her, you already know what to do...

...you know how to start the interaction without any feelings of awkwardness for you OR her...

...you're instantly able to make her laugh...

...you touch key emotional triggers inside her so she's already imagining what it would be like to kiss you... or more...

...you feel confident asking for her number, which she gives you without hesitation...

...and you end the interaction at just the right time, so she spends the rest of the day eagerly waiting to hear from you again.

In no time at all, you're increasing her interest, building an authentic connection, having passionate nights of wild physical intimacy, and giving her the kind of dating experience she never thought was possible...

...and in the end? Not only have you captured her heart, but she's practically begging YOU to consider HER as your new beau, not the other way around!

This doesn't have to just be fantasy, my friend!

I, Harry Wilmington, would like to help you reach your full potential with women, without having to go through a decade of “trial and error” like I did. 

Over the last 17 years, I've coached hundreds of introverted men around the world... of all different types of backgrounds... and help them empower their dating lives with life-changing knowledge.

With my help you, too, will finally be able to:

  • Take control over approach anxiety
  • Sharpen your ability to be the “Masculine Alpha” women are dying to date – including the high-quality 10's you thought you'd never have a chance with
  • Generate STRONG, LONG-TERM, UNCONTROLLABLE connections with the women of your choosing that lead to passionate nights of mind-blowing... “excitement” (whatever that may mean to you, lol)
  • All while remaining the strong, attractive, masculine introvert of her dreams!

You Can Learn the Entire Dating Formula With Just One Simple Coaching Program - Introducing...

INTROVERT DATING SUCCESS is a coaching academy created for intelligent, accomplished, introverted men like you to help improve your dating confidence and techniques, so you can achieve success in your personal, dating and romantic life.  

You’ll reap the benefits of my years of research and trial-and-error, so that you can strengthen your social skills with women faster than you ever thought possible.  

In other words, you’ll be able to socialize with any woman, in any kind of setting, using the most effective methods possible… without having to become someone you’re not.

No ambiguity or confusion. Literally step-by-step – nothing is left out.

This Top Secret Dating Blueprint will help you transform your dating process by giving you the tools you need to succeed with women naturally... 

...so that you can have a life full of intimacy, love, connection, and lots of hot, passionate nights!

What's Included In the Program?


Once a week for 12 weeks, I will be calling you up to give you one hour of private coaching sessions, where you and I will go over your progress, talk about your next steps, and discuss anything you’re still struggling with to help you get your breakthrough.  

These sessions are recorded and emailed to you. I’ve been told by my previous students that having this audio is one of the most helpful parts of the program.  

For example, one of my students recently sent me an email that said the following:  

“I wanted to tell you how awesome your Introvert dating success program has been... Our weekly calls really feel like therapy more than anything. Most of what you’ve said during those sessions felt like I knew the answer already but I needed to hear it laid out from someone else, for it to sink in. I've tried a few therapy sessions about this stuff and it did nothing for me. I'd rather pay you than a therapist any day.”  

This allows you to hear your progress in real-time, and to listen back to things you may have missed during the call the first time.  


During your time enrolled in the program, you can send me any questions you have, night or day, and I will respond to them as quickly as possible.  

If you have a question about a girl you’re talking to, or falling back into old habits, or even if it’s just to show me the new outfits you’ve bought or talk about your new work out regimen,  

I’ll be readily available via email to listen and help.  

And just to let you know:  

When I respond to emails, it’s never a generic response.  

As one student put it:  

“I also appreciate the detailed notes on my emails - no other coach I’ve used before does that.”  

I like to analyze everything you’ve written me – as we introverts tend to do – so that I can give you answers to your questions that are personal, effective, to the point, and add to your development towards becoming a more confident dater.


Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of guys from all walks of life, from extremely shy guys to those who are just socially awkward, become bold, confident daters that get women.

Most men have 2 similar issues when it comes to dating: a lack of confidence, and a lack of a plan. The two go hand-in-hand: the better your dating plan, the more confident you are when approaching women, and the more successful you will be. 

That’s why I went ahead and pre-recorded the main lessons you’ll need to help turn your dating life around as quickly as possible.  

You will receive instant access to 12 video and audio modules, jam-packed with lessons on everything you need to become a more confident dater as an introvert. (Scroll down for a detailed outline of what's in each module)

12 Kick-Butt Step-by-Step Video/Audio Modules

Module #1: 6 Important Mind-Shift Changes You MUST Make Before You Start Dating

  • Prepping your brain to handle a relationship
  • How to “trick” your mind into changing its bad dating thoughts
  • The 6 key changes in thinking about dating you need to make to better your chances at getting in a relationship

Module #2: Meeting Women & The Proper Sequence to Get Phone Numbers

  • The top 4 places where you’re likely to have success approaching women as an introvert 
  • A super-easy trick you can use to transition into a conversation with ANY women you meet – simple, effective, and makes it feel natural to her 
  • How much time to spend talking to her before getting her number (and the right time to leave her wanting to see MORE of you later) 
  • The EXACT way to frame your request for her phone number – an easy-to-use conversation tactic that will have her wanting to put her number in your phone

Module #3: Effective Phone Etiquette + How to Get Her to Say “YES” To The Date

  • What to already have prepared BEFORE asking her out to give her the BEST impression of the kind of guy you are
  • The step-by-step sequence template for requesting a date, including my patented “option-choosing” technique that practically guarantees she agrees to go out with you 
  • A small “tweak” in the way you “ask” for a date that makes a psychological impact on women’s “decision” to say YES
  • The days of the week you should ask her out for... 
  • ...and the days you need to AVOID at all cost (and yes, this DOES matter – asking for a date on these days can DRASTICALLY reduce how many girls agree to a date, and we explain why)

Module #4: The 1st Date Blueprint (How to Master it Like a BOSS)

  • Preparing your look for the first date – what things to have in order appearance-wise (and it’s not just your clothing, either)
  • The 3 main goals of the first date – keep these things in mind during the date so you’ll be focused!
  • The Blueprint Layout for the first date sequence: a step-by-step guide of what to do from when you first show up to when you part ways at the end of the night 
  • Date conversation “Do’s” and “Don’t” (so you’ll know what topics will increase her interest, and which ones to stay away from)
  • The most effective way to end the date that leaves her wanting more (without you having to say “I hope to see you again,” lol)

Module #5: Analyzing the 1st Date So You Know Where Her Feelings Stand

  • The 3 important factors of that 1st date that MUST be analyzed
  • 6 actions to observe from her during that date that will give you a CLEAR picture of interest level
  • How to make a fair comparison about her and other girls you’re dating
  • What “red flags” are, and how they signal what kind of girlfriend she’d REALLY be

Module #6: The Secret to Raising Her Interest Level In-Between Dates

  • 5 major reasons why you should NEVER do this particular thing after a date (it's something most introverts do, and it's killing your chances to win her affection)
  • The answer to the age-old question, “how long should I wait to call her again?” Through much trial and error, I have found THIS to be the correct number of days to get back in contact to ask for another date – and now, you’ll know it too! 
  • The impression women make about you when you’re constantly hitting them up, and how it affects their interest in you
  • Increasing her interest by NOT contacting her? We dive into this topic in detail, and explain what exactly is going on in her head when you’re not around that’s causing her feelings for you to rise…

Module #7: The 2nd Date Blueprint (And How to Ace That 1st Kiss)

  • The differences and similarities between the 1st date and the 2nd date, and how long it should last for maximum effect
  • What conversations to have that will make her feel like you’re investing in her for who she is (and not just how she looks)
  • The perfect way to bring her guard down when trying to break the touch barrier. Best of all: she won’t even know you did it, AND will actually be open to you doing it!
  •  A key character trait she will be looking for specifically during this date. Make sure you do THIS simple thing so she’ll start to solidify her feelings of trust about you
  • What to mention during dates that can cause a girl to invite herself up to your place when the night is over (hint: if you do this, it gives her an excuse to enter into your place, without any prodding from you. Genius!)
  • A goodnight kiss tactic I’ve used time and time again to get that 1st kiss from women and have it land on the lips (instead of the dreaded cheek – ugh!)

Module #8: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition...

  • The #1 reason most guys start to lose a woman’s interest after the 1st date/hookup – and what YOU need to do to avoid it from happening to you
  •  The types of privileges you want to AVOID giving women too early on, lest she decides to stop seeing you
  • The TRUTH about how long women need to date you before becoming the girlfriend & why that time is actually beneficial to YOU in the long run
  • NO NEED TO VERBALIZE YOU LIKE HER: How a woman will know you like her during the dating phase without you having to say it (and it’s so simple, it’s amazing most guys haven’t realized this yet!)
  • The effect keeping certain dating habits the same will have on her interest AND her need to stand out from other women

Module #9: Milestones that Signal Relationship Progression (So You Don't Have to Keep Asking Her)

  • 12 major milestones to look out for (or help create) during those 3 months
  • What each of these milestones indicate as far as her level of interest and her growing desire to want you as her boyfriend
  • Getting physical: what it means, what it doesn’t mean, and the importance of not letting it detour you from the program
  • How her disagreeing with you can actually prove to be a HUGE positive sign of high interest in you
  • Where her feelings for you should be at each major “anniversary” bench mark (1st, 2nd, and 3rd month of dating) – use this as a barometer of where her feelings are vs. where they should be

Module #10: How to Stand Your Ground When Conflict Arises (Without Losing the Girl)

  • FINALLY – the logical/subconscious reasons women HAVE to test the men they want to end up with (and why YOU should feel lucky if she does it to you) 
  • The characteristics women are analyzing you for during conflicts – if you don’t show them, your next argument with her could be your LAST
  • Various examples of the ways in which women will get into fights with you… AND, how you can combat each and every one of them!
  • The top 10 ways to pass her tests and/or handle conflict with women, including my personal #1 greatest-of-all-time tip that should be applied not just to your dating life, but your life in general

Module #11: 10 Signs She's Ready to Become the Girlfriend (And the Right Way to React)

  • How introverts mess up the whole “getting into a relationship” conversation
  • The key secret to making HER want to bring up the relationship talk
  • What is going on in a woman’s head when you’re approaching the 3 month mark, and how ALL of it plays an important role in her desire to take things to the next level 
  • 10 signs she’ll send you (passively, of course) that will let you know she’s ready to be your girlfriend, including a seemingly innocent question that’s actually THE signal for you to have that convo with her

Module #12: Negotiating Your Relationship Needs Before Saying “YES!”

  • How to properly position yourself when entering into a relationship so you establish the pace
  • Why you never want to just say “yes” when she asks you for a relationship
  • General negotiation questions/topics to bring up during this talk
  • Does she have an ex she talks to? Is she constantly doing certain things that aren’t pleasing to you? Don’t try to change her – simply say this ONE simple phrase when negotiating and, if she really wants to be with you, watch her change these things without you having to “make” her do it!
  • How to accept her request for a relationship in a way that gives her the girlfriend title, yet still makes her want to work hard to impress you and keep you around

Who is this course for?

If you're an introverted guy who's struggled to connect with women and wants to become a confident, more powerful and attractive person who can smoothly transition into passionate relationships, this is for you.

If you're able to meet women and arrange dates, but can't seem to get beyond 1 or 2 dates or have trouble building her interest in a real way, this is also for you.

Who is this course NOT for?

If you're looking for an overnight fix to your dating woes, this isn't for you. You need to be hungry and ready to put the work in to change your dating life. 

Also, if you want to learn how to trick women into liking you, this isn't for you. We want you to use these skills to your advantage because you actually LIKE women, not because you want to harm them.

"How do I get started & how much does it cost?"

Being able to connect with high-quality women is one of the most important skills you will ever have. The sooner you develop this skill, the sooner you can draw desirable women into your life any time you want.

However, if you're constantly using the wrong dating methods for your personality, you'll never sustain the kind of relationship that works best for you.

The cost of not knowing how to attract women can not be emphasized enough.

Ask a guy whose wife broke up with him how much it cost him in legal fees to get divorced – sometimes tens of thousands or even MILLIONS of dollars – and you'll start to understand.

Or, look at your own dating life, and ask yourself how much you've paid for dinners with women who weren't interested... 

...or buying gifts for women who weren't really right for you at all... 

...or even on vacation tickets for women friends of yours to hint how much you liked them, who never got the hint or did but didn't return the same feelings?

Introvert Dating Success is designed to boost your confidence and remove any feelings of self-doubt FOREVER – so that you're never worried or afraid around women EVER again.

If you truly want to change both yourself and the kind of success you have in life, you must be willing to invest in yourself.  

Introvert Dating Success isn’t just about learning how to date better. It’s about becoming the kind of bold, confident man that any woman would be proud to have by her side.

This program won’t just get you a date but will teach you to create a deep emotional bond, and ravaging sexual tension with any girl you want.  

When you apply the teachings in the program, you’re going to spark that elusive “vibe,” which means more fun dates, more passionate kisses, more sex, and an all-around more exciting life… no longer worrying about fumbling when you meet women.  

Best of all, you’re going to discover how your uniqueness as an introvert can be showcased in the most effective way. You’re going to learn how to make easy, natural connections with women that fit your personality type.  

Now, there are men out there who would trade everything they own and give up all their money just to be able to say “hi” to a woman.

I’m not going to ask you to trade in all your stuff, of course.  

But, I only want to help people who are serious about making this life-altering commitment to themselves, and who are willing to make time and put in the work to change this aspect of their lives.  

The funny thing is, people will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend college to learn about subjects that don’t help them in their real life. Things like gym class, or social studies, or home economics & basket weaving.…

Why do we pay so much? Because we see value in learning the tools we THINK will help us succeed – and survive – in our professional life. And yet, the majority of the knowledge you learn in college will eventually fade.

Meanwhile, the one skill you truly need to succeed in life – dating skills – is one that will actually benefit you the most.

Therefore, wouldn’t you agree that making an investment in being a pro with women is even MORE important?

The Premium Introvert Dating Success coaching program - which includes the 12 life-changing videos lessons, the 12 weekly 1-on-1 phone calls and unlimited e-mail correspondence for 12 weeks - is only $2997 in full, or 6 monthly installments of $597.

You also have the option of ordering the program without the 1-on-1 weekly coaching calls for just $997, or 6 monthly installments of $197.

Amazingly Awesome FAST-ACTION Bonuses

When you apply for the program today, you will also get the following fast-action bonuses:

Bonus #1: Speaking her Language – a 7-part Audio Crash Course on Communicating with Women 

No more miscommunications with women! These 7 bonus audio lessons will give you the tools to communicate with women in their language, so they feel like you're the only man who's ever understood them..

Everything from learning her secret “love language” to passing her test and discovering the REAL needs/wants for attraction are taught in this mini-series!

Bonus #2: Interviews with Women (Audio)

You'll hear interviews with 3 women, each sharing different areas of the dating experience. Learn why women get turned off when you do certain actions; what they're really thinking about when you first try to approach them; how women choose who to talk to when online dating; and so much more!

Bonus #3: “STEAL THESE PHRASES” Cheat Sheet PDF

Your secret weapon out there in the dating field! Learn the framework of phrases you can use to escalate attraction, ask for dates, and answer curveball questions from women, all in one stand alone PDF!

And, A "V.I.P. LAUNCH" Special Bonus

This is a BIG one.

If you enroll during this special "V.I.P. LAUNCH," you'll unlock access to a bonus course, "Smart Digital Dating." Over 6 lessons, you'll learn how to set up an online dating profile that will have women chasing you down for dates online.

You'll learn the same strategies I've used time and time again to fill up your dating calendar, create amazing conversations with women, and stand out from all the other men on these apps that have NO idea what they're doing.

Apply to Discuss Enrollment into the Introvert Dating Success Academy

The investment is $2997. (A 6-month payment plan of $597 a month is also available.)

If you're ready to conquer the dating world with powerful video lessons and the help of highly dedicated coach (i.e. ME!), please apply for a 1:1 conversation below:

When you've completed this course, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently and boldly portray yourself to women as the authentic masculine introvert guy you are
  • Use a fail-proof system that allows you to effortlessly glide through each phase of the dating sequence
  • Have deep and meaningful rapport with high-quality women that creates attraction
  • Expertly use your introvert characteristics to get attractive women to come to you – and yes, YOU get to be the one doing the choosing!
  • Develop a strong “inner game,” which will help you know the RIGHT way to think and be when interacting with any kind of woman
  • Gauge any woman's EXACT level of interest in you – and then increase it enough to where THEY will be asking YOU out!
  • Be the most dynamic, alluring, and mysterious presence in a woman's environments (even if you're not the most outgoing guy there)
  • Flirt naturally and create sexual tension without being seen as over-eager or needy
  • Know what your personal introvert strengths are, and have a personalized plan in place (with my help) to have the kind of dating life that best suits you


When does the course start and finish?

The program starts as soon as you order it! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

Who is this course for?

The relationship-minded guy who wants a girlfriend (or more), but feels lost, unsure or misguided on what he needs to do or say to make it happen. This includes:

  •  Guys who can get that first or second date, but can’t get past the 3rd date hump 
  •  Guys who can get into relationships in 2 to 3 weeks, but can’t figure out why they burn out so quickly  
  •  “Nice guy” Introverts who want to have women like them without having to turn into “jerks” or “bad boys” 
  •  Busy professionals who want meaningful relationships, but don’t have weeks/months to figure out how dating works and need a step-by-step plan of action

Who is this course NOT for?

If you're expecting overnight results, this course is not for you - it will take some patience and work on your part to get the desired results. 

Also, if you're thinking of using this program to trick women into liking you, please do NOT order this program. Women have feelings too, and we are not in the business of showing you how to use them to increase the notches on your belt.

If you don't live in an area where you have access to women (via in-person run-ins or online dating), understand that it's going to be a lot harder to do this program. You must be able to actually meet women for this program to be effective.

Lastly, this course is an investment, which is why I offer a free consultation with me to see if we'd work well together before you enroll. You only sign up for this course if you're ready and willing to do the work. You can see life-changing improvement in your dating life with the content and coaching provided, but only if you actually put the things you're learning into practice.

Will the advice in this course work on women in my age bracket?

Yes! Whether you're a guy in his 20s looking for a change to your dating game, or a guy in his 40s or 50s who still hasn't figured out how his methods have kept him single, the advice in this program is applicable to the majority of sane, rational, healthy women out there on their own search for YOU, their potential Mr. Intovert Right!

Will I have access to all the content?

Absolutely! All the content will be accessible immediately after you order! You'll set up a username and password at checkout; once you sign in, you can start using the content!

I just met a woman who agreed to a date and I really, REALLY want her! Can your program guarantee that I'll be able to get this specific woman into a relationship?

The last thing I'd ever say is "this program will definitely win you this specific woman" - and any other dating coach that would is lying to you.

What I can say, though, is that if you do the work in this program, you will become more confident, less anxious, and know what things to focus on when dating women, which will increase the probability of you successfully getting the woman you want into a relationship with you.

Understand that a lot of dating success depends on you, but also on the women you're choosing. If you choose women that aren't sane or have lots of baggage, no amount of coaching can help you win them over - then again, why would you want to??

Luckily, with this program you'll also become better at choosing women who are relationship-ready, feminine, and ready to be true partners in your life.

Do I have to do or say everything EXACTLY as mentioned in the course?

You are entitled to interpret and execute the advice in this course in any way you see fit. The agenda laid out here is the one that has gotten me the best results for my efforts in the dating-to-relationship process. 

With that said, the scripted materials contained within are formatted in a way to where you can take them and make them your own, so the words and delivery of said materials are in your own voice.

Is there a guarantee/refund policy?

I can guarantee that this coaching you're about to get kicks major butt! That said, I only want to work with people that are dedicated to making vital changes to their lives, not people who only want to dip their pinky toe into the shallow end of the pool and back out when it gets hard.

All sales are final; that said, you are welcome to schedule a free consultation with me to answer any questions you may have about the program before enrolling.

I have more questions about the course, who should I contact?

You should contact me! Let's schedule a free 45-minute consultation, where we will go over your dating life, how I can be of help, answer any questions you have, and see if we're a fit for each other.

Apply to Discuss Enrollment into the Introvert Dating Success Academy

The investment is $2997. (A 6-month payment plan of $597 a month is also available.)

If you're ready to conquer the dating world with powerful video lessons and the help of highly dedicated coach (i.e. ME!), please apply for a 1:1 conversation below: