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Why spend years learning how to date through trial and error, when you can follow my blueprints of success?

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No Girls For You: The Ultimate Guide to LOSING The Girl of Your Dreams

The book that started it all! This 12-chapter masterpiece gives you a deep dive into why the traditional things you’ve learned about attracting women helps you LOSE them.

10 Steps to Winning Back Your Ex

A complete blueprint that walks you step-by-step through reversing a break-up, rekindling her desires for you, and rebuilding a stronger, longer-lasting relationship, regardless of who ended things.

Texting Women Like a Boss

Learn the 21 do’s and don’ts of texting that will have women swooning with anticipation over your messages, and increasing her desire for you as she reads each and every word.


Introvert Dating Success Academy

Premium 12-week coaching program where you’ll gain confidence, lessen anxiety, modify the way you think about dating, and learn the ins and outs of attracting women as your natural introvert self. Includes 12 video training modules, lots of bonuses, and weekly coaching calls.

Smart Digital Dating

Become a digital dating dynamo! This course will help you to create an online dating presence that proves irresistible to women, and will have you filling up your dating calendar with high-quality women from phone apps and dating websites. Includes 11 video modules, stellar audio bonuses, and PDF templates.